About Training

How we begin:

First we need to arrange an initial consultation where you will discuss your goals and aspirations. This is an opportunity for me to find out about your exercise experiences and if there are any past or present injuries that may effect your training. Then we will go through the health screening process, which consists of bodily measurements such as blood pressure and body mass index.

The second session will consist of a static and dynamic postural assessment. Why?
If the wheels on a car are out of alignment it will suffer more wear and tear and break down. Highlighting postural imbalances is the key to staying injury free. Ironing out these imbalances first will benefit you in the long run as your bodily functions will be in complete equilibrium removing unnecessary strain on the vertebrae and joints.

The third session you will be presented with your bespoke training program, the first step to reaching your goal.

Where Will Training Take Place?

  • Your home or workplace.
  • Fitness First Brighton.
  • The seafront, a park or on the Sussex Downs.